jmootipsA tooltip or infotip or a hint is a common graphical user interface element. It is used in conjunction with a cursor, usually a pointer. The user hovers the pointer over an item (which is often underlined), without clicking it, and a tooltip will appear - a small "hover box" with information about the item being hovered over

Joomla Plugin jmootips may help to design Joomla articles and their informations to be more attractive and informative. With this plugin you are able to deploy tooltips very easily and fill tooltip content from various sources. Additionally you may control position and layout of tooltips almost without any programming skills.

This article about jmootips not only shows the various options of functions and usage but uses itself jmootips to provide as much information as possible.

For the usage of tooltips it is vital, that it supports as many types of content as possible (e.g. text, HTML or images) and eases the use to include those. jmootips supports various types of content and may include content from various sources:

  • simple Text or HTML via Plugin Tags
  • content provided by local or remote Webserver
  • content from Joomla's arcticles
  • content via Ajax Request
  • images from local or remote sites
jmootips may be used anywhere. You can create your tooltips almost anywhere in your site. Not only in articles, but anywhere you can enter text, like in modules and components.



jmootips package contains two plugins:

  1. jmootips system plugin - With this plugin you will be able to create tooltips very easily
  2. tipbutton editors-xtd plugin - Displays an editor toolbar button to ease inserting tooltips into an article.
    It displays a popup allowing you to choose the tooltip article
The package is installed as any other Joomla extension via Admin Backend's "Extension Manager". Please ensure that both plugins are published. Also configure and check the provided javascript frameworks to be used by jmootips, Mootools or Bootstrap.

Note: With Release 1.2.0 the plugin type has been changed from content-plugin to system-plugin. If you have installed a previous version, this (content-) plugin will be disabled to ensure that only the new type is active. It is recommended to deinstall the old version.


Plugin Parameter

Creation of tooltips with "jmootips" is very easy and flexible. All possible options shown below are described and illustrated with samples:


Tooltip requested with parameter "text"

Same tip but now with a title "title":

Using "position" you will be able to place a tooltip below ("1" or "below"), above ("-1" or "above"), right ("-2" or "right") or left ("2" or "left") relative to target position.

Parameter "sticky" controls, wether a tooltip should be closed when the mouse pointer leaves target or tooltip popup ("-1" = default), or should stay open until its "close-button" has been clicked ("1")

Parameter "openonclick" controls, wether a tooltip should be opened if target has been clicked

With Parameter "id" you request content and title from a Joomla article which has been assigned this specific id (number)

Specifying Parameter "ajax4id" you now request content and title from an article containing a movie via ajax interface

If you request parameter "image" with a valid url, tooltip will show an image.

You may use a thumbnail and display it full sized with a Tooltip.

You may request tooltip content from local or remote hosts when you code parameter "url".

With parameter "ajax" jmootips will use the Ajax-interface of to dynamically request content from your local host.

Since realease 1.2.1 you may explicitly define width of a single tip. Use parameter width then jmootips will force size of tip to be limited to specified width. (here same tip without parameter "width"). Note, that width should not be greater than maximum width set by CSS-styling (default 500px) for tips.

Parameter "autoposition" lets you influence tooltip positions:

  • position="left" requestet and autoposition="1" used.
  • position="left" requested and autoposition="0" used
Note: This parameter will only be needed for execeptions, as it is defined/set via plugin-parameters.




Organize Tooltips

Organize tooltips with Joomla articles

jmootips with its functionality to use Joomla articles for tooltip content, makes the deployment very flexible and easy. To setup a meaningful structure you should consider following:
  1. Create an own category for tooltips, e. g. name it "Tooltips"
  2. Create tooltip contents (articles) within this category
With wysiwyg editors (e.g. "JCE") a toolbar-button, "Tooltip", is available. This button is displayed if jmootips' "Editor Button Plugin" has been enabled. Using this Toolbar button makes it very easy to insert tooltip-tags into article text at cursor position.
Look at a small sample, which shows, how to edit tooltip content and then create/use it in an article.

You may only use articles for tooltips which have state "Published" and access level "Public".

Download jmootips

jmootips is free software (as is Joomla!) - however you have to adhere to the GPL-lincense conditions to use it. Please learn more about GPL and free software at GNU Org.

To download jmootips please click the download button:

downloadjmootips version 1.2.3 for Joomla!

Any Questions? Visit my Support forum for jmootips or send Email to me.




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