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This document describes the function and features of php-rgraph plugin for Joomla!. php-rgraph has been developed to ease the inclusion of charts within your articles. It is based upon the Javascipt solution of RGraph. To get more information on RGraph visit Home of RGraph.

You can use php-rgraph to generate lots of diffferent types of chart, i.e. line, bar, and pie charts in 2D or 3D. For each chart type you can specify attributes such as size, colors, and labels, and so on. You can feed the data for your chart via manual entry, from database, local file system, from remote (or local) webserver or even from Google Sheets. With this plugin, you will be easily creating content article with dynamic charts defined by yourself. For complete set of chart types and data entries you can use, see sections below.


To include a chart created by php-rgraph into your article you must include the plugin tag {rgraph} with parameters to describe the attributes of your chart and a chart-id of your chart. You denote the end of the plugin with the end-of-plugin tag {/rgraph}. The plugin tag has the format of

{rgraph parm1="value" parm2="value" } chartid {/rgraph} .

Parameter values have to be enclosed by double quotes ("value"). The plugin has been setup already via its plugin parameters with lots of attributes for your charts (of course you can ovewrite those with your own setup or globally change them for your needs). To give you an idea how it works - you would request a chart via (settings below contain only mandatory parameters - all other attributes will be set by default plugin parameters):

"{rgraph data="50,60,70,80,90,60|109,120,100,130,140,100" title="Sample 1"} sample01{/rgraph}"

The "data"-tag describes your data for the chart. Each number will have to be separated by comma. If you have more than one datagroup you must seperate them by the or-sign "|" (the sample above has two datagroups). To see the chart setup with above settings just click here.


After you have downloaded installation zip-file, run the install via Joomla's admin backend. You will have to enable (publish) the plugin to use it. Via admin backend you also may set your site's default layout for your charts (e.g. fonts, font-sizes for text and title or axis layouts).


Download php-rgraph content plugin

php-rgraph is free software - however you have to adhere to the GPL-license conditions to use it. Please learn more about GPL and free software at GNU Org.

To download rgraph please click the download button:

Version 1.2.1

 download php-rgraph plugin for Joomla



Without the excellent work done by the developers of RGraph my development of a Joomla plugin to build RGraph charts, would not have been possible. Therefore many thanks to the RGraph development team! They have produced an outstanding piece of work.



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