FlashChart Samples


beispielWith the samples provided here, you may get some hints or get some ideas how you could use flashChart. With the lastest releases vou now have lots of options how to setup charts and chart attributes. Please click on the sample image to see it.


Sample 1.
With background images you may setup charts to show up in a more attractive appearance. This sample illustrates the use of parameter "bg_image" by using chart menues at the same time.
Sample 2.
This sample shows how you would access data from your local file system. The data for this chart (squares from 0 to 8 in 0.1 increments) had been generated by a small program.
Sample 3.
This sample requests data from our webserver and illustrates the use of a remote (or local) program feeding the data for flashChart.
Sample 4.
This sample focusses on the tooltip feature of flashChart (provided by the Open flash Chart API).
Sample 5.
This sample produces a stacked bar chart and shows how you would use the various legends attributes.
Sample 6.
This sample gives you an idea how to feed flashChart with data from mysql db. It selects text for the labels and data from Joomla!'s "content" table.
Sample 7.
This sample illustrates how to setup colors using parameter multibar_color".
Sample 8.
This sample gives you an idea how to assign specific colors to bars, if a defined data value has been reached.
Sample 9.
This sample gives you an idea how to assign specific tips to line dots within a line chart, if a defined data value has been reached.
Sample 10
This sample illustrates, how to explicitly define and use colors for chart elements.
Sample 11
This sample shows the use of substitution of Joomla!'s variables .
Sample 12
This sample shows a radar chart and illustrated the use of tooltips and hints based on data values (alert values).
Sample 13.
Since version 1.1.8 of flashChart you can display web-resources, also charts of course, within modal windows. To get some detail information about this feature please read:
Sample 14.
With parameter "rearrange_data" you may instead manually rearrange data for stacked bar charts have it flashchart doing it on request. This sample will show as well the use of chart menues.
Sample 15.
With parameter "show_trend" you will request to calculate and display a trendline for bar charts and line charts. The calculation will be done by flashChart's builtin regression feature.