Flashchart Sample 7

Different colors for barcharts - Parameter "multibar_color"

Also have a look at other parameters...

Chart Parameters: {flashchart height="400" width="100%"
data="database" sql="Select title, hits From jos_content Order By hits Desc Limit 10" type="bar_dome" tooltip="#val# Hits" title="Most read articles"
x_label_rotate="40" multibar_color="1"}sample007{/flashchart}

Note: My installed flashChart plugin has set following color values (via Plugin Parameter "chart_colors"):
chart_colors="4169E1,008000,7A0000,00BFFF,DC143C,191970,FF6600,A52A2A,52CCA3,996633,339933" - means we have 11 colors defined.
These colors are assigned one after the another to a single bar. As in SQL-statement value "LIMIT" is set to "10", we need 10 different colors - if we had less than 10 colors, the missing colors are randomly generated and assigend to the last bars.

Important: If you want to test this sample via copy/paste, ensure that you paste with option "paste as plain text" otherwise imbedded html-codes may invalidate your input.