My Photovoltaic System:

System:34 solar modules type "Yingli Solar YL260-30b" (each 0,260 kWp, total 8,840 kWp)
2 inverters type "SMA Sunnyboy SB 4000TL-20"
roof mounted, slope of roof ca. 30°, roof aligned to south (0° deviation to south)
Installed by: Solar Zentrum Mittelhessen (June 29, 2011)

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This Application displays statistical data about my photovoltaic system, mostly in graphical form.

It should demonstrate as well, that one could easily use my implemented interfaces to RGraph Charting for own web-applications, in order to present numerical data in an attractive form.

Documentation about my RGraph interface and the complete source (php files and javascripts) of this application will be made available ASAP. Please understand, that I may answer question e. g. via email, but cannot give (yet) more support than that for it



Today: 26
Yesterday: 19
This Week: 45
Last Week: 172
This Month: 442
Last Month: 561
United States 37.0% USA
Germany 12.4% Germany
Russia 4.5% Russia
France 3.0% France
Italy 2.7% Italy
Indonesia 2.6% Indonesia
India 2.5% India
Poland 2.2% Poland