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Example csv file

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1 year 11 months ago #1291 by Gerlof Koopmans
Example csv file was created by Gerlof Koopmans
(It looks my post is not being saved, 3d try)

First thanks for your nice plugin :)
I try to prepare a csv-file that showa the same graph when using the details below, but I am getting an error.
How should the csv-file have to look in order to show the graph?
I could not find an answer in the manual.

{rgraph width="800" height="400" grouping="grouped" yaxis="true" shadow="true" backgroundColor="#fff" variant="hbar" tooltipsEvent="mousemove" title="Verbruik gas" labelsAbove="true" labelsAboveSize="8" tooltip="#label# #key# - #val#"  key="2020,2021,2022" data="jan,feb,mar,apr,mei,.jun,jul,aug,sep,okt,nov,dec/20,10,0,30,50,40,50,60,70,80,90,60|99,100,80,120,125,130,109,120,100,130,140,100|75,65,55,85,95,45,25,15,55,85,65,95"}Gasverbruik{/rgraph}

Maybe you can give a hint :)

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1 year 11 months ago - 1 year 11 months ago #1292 by jochen
Replied by jochen on topic Example csv file

you should use standard csv-layout e.g. (sep char ";:" (colon)

;some header info:

via plugin you would then specify:

data="csv" csv_parm="mydir/file.csv, 1"  csv_cols="1,2,3"
csv_col=0 contains the lables (jan, feb, mar)

you may look at my doc:

see "parameters -> plugin parameter -> define data for chart (esp. "csv" stuff)
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