php-RGraph - php Interface to RGraph

What is RGraph?

It's a JavaScript charts library that produces the charts dynamically with JavaScript and the HTML5 canvas tag. It can generate lots of different kinds of visualisations from Bar charts and Line charts through to Meters and Pie charts.

RGraph is quick, attractive, easy to use and free for commercial use. Built on the widely supported canvas element desktop and mobile support is excellent and that allows you to create charts and dashboards that you can use on a wide range of devices. Owing to the fast rendering of the canvas tag, your charts can be up to 10x faster than Flash or SVG based libraries. This means you can create good looking and informative charts and dashboards.

What is php-RGraph?

php-RGraph is an implementation to use RGraph via php-interface. Not only for php-developers it eases the use of RGraph and extends RGraph with all the features php can offer. The interfaces even allow writing pure php-code to create attractive charts without the need having skills for javascript programming.

Main purpose of charts is visualization of data. With php-RGraph you get all the functions to retrieve and use data from mySql-databases, from local files, data from remote or local server, from csv-files and even from Google's sheets.
To visualize this data right now php-RGraph "knows" more than 500 different chart properties for all charts RGraph has offered and uses this knowledge to build a stable interface to RGraph's javascript libraries.

With php-RGraph not only you get php-code but in addition detailed reference information is provided, lots of samples and how-to guidelines. Please select one of those: